You’ll Be Shocked And Amazed When You Discover…
How A 36 Year Old Former Wrestler Shamelessly Copied His Way To 
Millions In Profit Online
PLUS: How He’s Going To Help You Increase Your Profits 150% To 650% Overnight - Then Do It Again Over The Next 12 Months!
You might not know this, but the most successful guys at major marketing seminars are rarely speaking from the stage. You’ll actually find them at the back of the room, or outside at the hotel bar. That’s where the real breakthroughs are shared.

It’s also where you’ll always find the marketer I’m talking about. He’ll be enjoying a non-alcoholic drink, while discussing his latest split test results or a new traffic source with a tiny group of low key marketing Titans.

The techniques you might discover in those private conversations could grow any business by leaps and bounds. Even if you don’t have any sales, or haven’t set up a website yet - the insights they share are guaranteed to work.

There’s only one problem: unless you’re part of the “inner circle” you don’t get to join the conversation. So you’ll never discover any truly cutting edge marketing strategies until they’re already old news - too stale to make a difference.
 Now that’s all about to change.
One man has decided to break with tradition. Against the advice of his friends, he’s preparing to reveal the Crown Jewels. These are nuggets of actionable wisdom he’s uncovered by analyzing over 26,000 online businesses. 

None of his secrets have ever been published in any course, training or coaching program. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on them - you’ll drive more traffic, for less money. You’ll dramatically improve conversion rates at every step of your funnel.
Bottom line? You’ll make at least 150% to 650% more money.
You’ll also do it with far less stress, and far less anxiety.

And if you don’t get access? Well - your business won’t fall apart overnight - but it won’t make any progress either. 

Especially not at the lightning fast pace that it could achieve. You will be - more or less - stuck exactly where you are today.

If you’re still reading, we both know that’s not an outcome you want.

The good news is that it’s also completely avoidable.

Today you have a unique opportunity:
You can secure these secrets for yourself. 
And you can do it without…
●  Joining a coaching program or high ticket mastermind.  
●  Attending an expensive seminar or conference.
●  Or spending a vast fortune on specialized training.
You won’t even have to get up off your couch.

Now you might be wondering how these claims could possibly be true. That’s good. A little skepticism is healthy in our business. But when I reveal the identity of this A+ level marketer - you’ll understand just how real and critical they truly are.

The man I’m referring to is…
A Marketing Prodigy Who Copied His Way 
To 8 Figure Success
Russell Brunson
Founder - Dotcom Secrets
His name is Russell Brunson. If you’ve been paying any attention to the Internet marketing world over the last ten years, you’ve certainly heard his name. At just 36 years old, he’s built successful businesses in niches as varied as:
  • Internet Marketing
  • Personal Coaching
  • Local Business Marketing
  • Health Supplements Software as a Service
Those businesses have generated well over 8 figures in sales. How has someone so young achieved so much? The answer is simple. Russell has figured out a shortcut to success. It’s a way to ethically knock off other businesses, so you can skip all the difficult steps of “figuring things out.” 

 That means you get to jump all the way to profit as early as day one. 
This strategy has been so successful, the smartest marketers on Earth line up to be coached by him. They routinely pay $25,000 for that privilege - and that’s limited to just 100 spots. But that was before Russell discovered his biggest breakthrough. 
The Three All Powerful Success Factors
Hidden In 26,000 Marketing Campaigns
Two years ago Russell launched a new service called Clickfunnels. It’s an all in one marketing platform that allows you to rapidly launch and integrate every page you’d need for any online business.

  So far people have built 26,000+ marketing funnels with his software.
Here’s why you should care: 

Over the last year, Russell and his team have analyzed those funnels. Now they’ve got hard data on exactly what works, and what doesn’t in hundreds of industries. The results run against everything you think you know about marketing. 

Supposedly “foolproof” techniques have turned out to be worthless. Meanwhile, a handful of virtually unknown tactics are proving to be unusually effective at turning page views into cold hard cash. But there’s more…

Russell has also identified three all powerful success factors that exist in 99 out of 100 profitable businesses online. When these factors appear, money follows. If they’re absent? It’s nearly impossible to generate revenue consistently.

Right now, Russell and his team are the only people alive who know about this. It’s never been shared in any of his courses or trainings. Normally a breakthrough this valuable would never be revealed publicly. Not at any price. 

It might be shared with an exclusive group of insiders. The kind who attend those international meetups I mentioned earlier. You certainly wouldn’t get access to these secrets until every drop of profit had been squeezed out of them. This time things are different.
600 Marketers Attended A Closed Door Event Where He Revealed Everything He’s Discovered!
On March 31st, Russell Brunson broke all the rules. That’s when his Funnel Hacks Live event kicked off in San Diego. He had the smartest, and most successful marketers from the Clickfunnels elite speaking from the stage.

Guys and girls who’ve figured out the three success factors...

...and profited from them to the tune of millions of dollars. 

 First up was his special guest - Marcus Lemonis. 

Marcus Lemonis
Marcus is chairman and CEO of Camping World, a multibillion-dollar company. He’s also the star of CNBC’s “The Profit” where he uses his own money to invest in struggling businesses. In the last 10 years, he’s successfully turned around 100 companies. 
 Russell’s also invited nearly a dozen other marketers including: 
 Russell Brunson
Sean Stephenson
Garrett White
Liz Benny
Alex Charfan
Kyle Cease
Ryan Stewman
Dean Holland
Rob Kosberg
This elite group of marketers and business leaders spilled the beans. They helped Russell reveal the three success factors live on stage. Those who attended got to discover pearls of marketing wisdom like…
The Expert Secret
When you’re perceived as an expert in your niche, everything you sell is immediately more valuable. Russell has figured out a unique way to ethically establish yourself as an expert in your niche - practically overnight. You can do this even if you’re starting from scratch, and you’re still a complete unknown.

All it takes is something called The Expert Maker

It’s one of the funnels Russell shared live at the event. With it he’s done well over 7 figures in sales. Once you’ve got it you’ll witness vastly stronger conversion rates for all of the key leverage points in your business…

More opt ins.
More email opens and clicks. 
More sales. 
Next you’ll discover… 
The Funnel Secret 
There are about a million ways you can setup a funnel. Get it right, and you’ll watch money roll in faster than you can count it. Get it wrong, and you may as well burn every dollar you spend on traffic. The good news? This isn’t magic…

Launching a profitable funnel is a science.

After breaking down those 26,000 campaigns, Russell and his team know exactly which funnels will work - which won’t - and why. . At Funnel Hacks Live, he revealed the top performing funnels in the Clickfunnels ecosystem.

You haven’t ever seen these before. They’re brand new, and the numbers they’re putting up are insane. And yes -And yes - anyone who attended was able to literally copy the exact campaigns Russell is running.
Last but not least, there’s… 
The Transformation Secret
People buy when they connect with your marketing on an emotional level. If you can do that, you won’t simply make sales… you’ll make customers for life. But connecting on an emotional level doesn’t happen by accident. There’s a method to it. 

It’s called emotional persuasion.

It’s a way to inject yourself into your customer’s story of personal transformation. So no matter if they’re trying to lose weight, find love or make money - they perceive you as an essential part of that journey. With the right funnel, you can do exactly that.

The guys consistently making 6-7 figures online don’t want this secret to get out. But that’s exactly what happened when Russell revealed it from the stage. 
No Theory, No Fluff 
Everything You Discover Will Produce Real, Measurable Profits! 
This wasn’t a motivational event. It wasn’t about “big ideas” with little to no execution. Russell and his friends shared the tactical details of every funnel they presented - including ads, squeeze pages and copy. 

It’s literally detailed enough to “knock off” his campaigns. You’ll be able to implement the things you’re learning immediately. 

You’ll boost your profits by 150% to 650% or more… in a matter of days. Then you’ll turn around and do it again, and again - growing your business by leaps and bounds.
Normally You’d Have To Pay $697 AND Fly To San Diego To Unlock These Insanely Valuable Insights
That’s just for the tickets. You also had to pay for airfare and hotel in San Diego. Plus food and drink. So all in - you’re looking at a $2,000+ investment minimum. But we’re also bringing several staff members to cover ALL the breakout sessions…

So you’re looking at $4,000+ to get full access.

Today though - you won’t have to do that. Earlier I promised you could secure all of Russell’s most powerful marketing secrets, without paying a fortune or getting off your couch. 

Here’s how that works:
Russell Brunson Gave Us EXCLUSIVE Permission To Attend Funnel Hacks Live, Take Notes AND Share Them With You!
No one else is authorized to share or publish these notes. We have an exclusive with Russell Brunson and the Funnel Hacks Live team. This is the only place you will find them.

Every Success Factor And Funnel Blueprint Recorded For You

We went through multiple notebooks capturing every insight that Russell and his friends revealed live on stage. That includes every funnel, every hidden success factor - every single insight. You won’t miss out on anything the VIP attendees will get. 

This is better than showing up in person.

Even if you went to Funnel Hacks Live on your own, you STILL missed MOST of the vital information revealed at the event. Why? Because with so much material, it would be nearly impossible to see and record it all yourself.

That’s why I personally flew in my entire team of note takers to get 100% coverage, with no parts missing. So even if you do attend the event this year, you’ll still discover all kinds of mind blowing insights in our notes.
Funnel Hack Live Notes
Session #1
Expert Secrets
  • The FASTEST way to start and scale a company is by leveraging YOUR expert status and then leveraging it inside of one of Russell’s 'Expert' funnels.
  • Russell will be revealing 5 very specific funnels including the one funnel he calls "The Expert Maker." This funnel will almost instantly build your platform, give you an audience and setup / preframe all future funnels.
  • You’ll hear from Garrett White on how to “evolve” into a legitimate expert in any niche - master your craft, find your voice, and build a highly engaged audience.
Session #2
The Funnels
  • You’ll get specific blueprints for front end funnels, backend funnels and other funnels that you probably never imagined were even possible. This section will give you the actual tactics you need to execute on the expert secrets strategy!
  • Discover how Liz Benny created her first information product, launched a webinar, built a following and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in just 12 months. 
  • How does the “Hardcore Closer” Ryan Stewman convince clients to pay him $5k… $10k… or more? Now you’ll know his best “high ticket” secrets. 
  • I reveal how you can leverage Youtube and other social media to build a profitable business with free traffic in any niche - just like Jacob Hiller. 
Session #3
The Opportunity
  • You’ll find out how to earn an extra 6 figures this year as a “certified funnel consultant” - with live success stories and case studies. 
  • Get the inside scoop on how Alex Hormozi got 500 clients, and $51,191 in the bank before he opened the doors of his gym with a local business funnel. 
  • Leverage your new found skills with local funnels to build your own business… or build a highly profitable local marketing consultancy. 
Session #4 
Personal Transformation
  • Often times the limitations to your results are not in the software or your business model - but in the problem beliefs we have inside of ourselves. Russell and his team help you eliminate the inner obstacles to success.
  • Sean Stephenson - the “Three Foot Giant” - shares how to use your unique life experiences to create connection with your audience and reach millions!
  • Discover the truth about the 'Entrepreneurial Personality Type' that you likely have, and how to leverage it to rapidly build and scale your business.
Session #5
The 3 P’s - People, Process, Product...
  • Legendary business recovery expert Marcus Lemonis reveals his “3 P’s” strategy for getting People, Process and Product working for you. 
  • You’ll get the best “entrepreneur hacks” from his experience saving dozens of struggling businesses around the country in wildly different industries. 
  • Marcus reveals the #1 fail factor that plagues unsuccessful businesses - and how to guarantee you avoid it while you build your own 6-7 figure business.
BONUS #1: Funnel Hacks Live Notes 2015

Yep - we decided to sweeten the deal for you. So if take action today, you won’t just get the 2016 notes. You’ll also get the notes from Funnel Hacks Live 2015. That’s hundreds of pages of proven and validated material. Any one of those pages may contain a secret insight that could earn you 4, 5 or 6 figures in the next few months. You’ll get it thrown in for free.
BONUS #2: Live Funnel Hacks Training Webinar 

If you take advantage of this one time offer, you’ll be invited to a unique webinar event with Tim Castleman. He’s going to be answering all of your questions about Funnel Hacking Live… Want clarification on one of the businesses broken down on stage? 

Stuck on figuring out one of the “black box” traffic sources? Just want to pick Tim’s brain for answers to your BIGGEST marketing questions?
We Don’t End The Call Until ALL Questions Are Answered
Don’t worry if you can’t make that date. 

We will record the entire training and give it to you so you can review it at any time with your copy of the notes. 
Any ONE Of These Funnel Could Earn You 6 Figures In 2016
The beauty of these funnels is that they’re laid out in precise detail, so you can copy and launch any of them absurdly fast. That means you get to start earning fast. Often within days or even hours of getting started. 

When Russell talks about a funnel that earned him $500k in a month (yes - ONE month), he’s giving you everything you need to copy it. Even if you only do 1/10th the business he did, you’ll still be on pace to earn a solid 6 figures this year.

Figuring These Funnels Out On Your Own Would Be Impossible

Russell and his team have something you don’t: unfettered access to over 26,000 Clickfunnels campaigns. You’ll never have that data. So the only way you’d discover the three success factors - or the funnels that power them - is by trial and error.

You could easily spend $20-30k experimenting...

...with no guarantee of success.

Why would you want to do that? There’s no need to waste all that time and money split testing, and rolling the dice. For a very modest investment today, you can get all of the answers without any of the stress or uncertainty.
Limited Time Only
From The Creator Of Traffic & Conversion Summit Notes
Every year we put out notes for the gigantic Traffic & Conversion Summit, held by Ryan Deiss in San Diego. We’re confident these notes will be just as effective at putting money in your pocket. 
Are You Really Getting Russell’s Best Funnels?
Russell analyzed over 26,000 campaigns to bring you these revelations. When he gets on stage with the Clickfunnels inner circle - they won’t be giving you the cliff notes. They’ll give you every detail of their top performing funnels.

Traffic sources. Funnel structure. Offers. Copy.

These are all coming from real, active businesses that are earning 6 or 7 figures of profit per year. So - YES - you really are getting their best funnels - with no parts missing - recorded in our extensive notes.
What If You Don’t Have Time To Read ALL Of The Notes?
You don’t have to. You can quickly and easily search the notes for JUST the info you need. Want to know Perry Belcher’s favorite traffic source? 

  Jump to that section.

  Curious to discover how Ryan Stewman closes high ticket coaching prospects for $5k or more at a time? 

You’ll know in under 5 minutes.

That’s the power of these notes. It’s why I know they can increase your profits by 150% to 650% within days or weeks of getting them in your hands. But I do have to warn you - this opportunity won’t last forever.
The Price Will Shoot Up In Only…
When the clock runs out, the price will increase immediately. This isn’t an idle threat or fake “urgency” tactic. If you’ve ever bought one of my notes offers in the past, you know that I respect my countdown timer and I always increase the price. 

So unless you want to pay over three times the current price, take action now.
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